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Best Dog Calming Pheromones Collar Reviews

Pheromones are chemical substances which are released by various living organisms such as dogs and even insects. This chemical affects the behavior of these animals. They can even help reduce anxiety and stress. Dog calming pheromones collars are becoming more and more popular among pet owners.

With a slew of products in the market, you must be wondering which collar to choose. I have been testing and trying several different pheromone collars for my mutt in the last four or five years and so far, I have gathered that there are a few brands that are worth considering. I will mention the products that will be most effective for your dog so that you can make a suitable choice to keep your pup’s nerves calm. 

For a small dog, I recommend you use the Adaptil Calm On-the-Go Collar which is a drug-free product, but if you are looking for an all-rounder, it is better to get the Relaxivet Calming Collar. For a reasonably priced product, consider investing in the Sentry Calming Collar. However, if you are looking for a fancy collar, Calm Me Down will pique your interest.

These are great options for most dog owners. As you look for the best pheromone collars, try to find a product which is adjustable and with a high DAP content. I will tell you more about it later in this article. First, let’s take a look at the top 4 pheromone collars for dogs.

Relaxivet Adjustable Calming Collar

This one makes it to the top of my list for good reason. The Relaxivet Calming Collar is made from natural ingredients only. Without any harmful additives, it is completely safe for your dog. You can put it on your pooch for long durations or even keep it on indefinitely as there are no known side effects of long-term use of this collar.

Its enhanced formula prevents unnecessary stress in dogs and helps them feel relieved instead of feeling worried all the time.

The pheromones in this collar act in exactly the same way as a mother dog’s hormone would, which brings calm and peace to both the mother and the puppies sleeping snuggly beside her. It is this serene atmosphere which the chemical in Relaxivet achieves. Once you put the collar on your puppy, the pheromones released from it will cause a soothing effect, making it feel relaxed in conditions it would otherwise panic in. 

Whether you want to take your dog with you on a car trip to another state or just around the block, it will not become anxious. The collar starts showing positive results within an hour, which makes Relaxivet the best for every situation that calls for a calming collar. 

This collar has a pleasant smell, but according to some reviews, its smell was a little overpowering for a calming collar. Nevertheless, it works great at reducing stress and anxiety caused by a number of factors. It also helps reduce the constant barking and eliminate phobias that make your dog frightened at times.

One feature of this collar which I find convenient is its adjustability. I can loosen it up a bit after my dog and I come back from a walk or tighten it if I find that my pooch is being too active and running on roads.

Plus, the adjustability makes sure you can use it on all your dogs, regardless of their sizes. It is a great feature specially if you have been having trouble finding the perfect fit for your dog. The drug-free formula together with the adjustable size makes this collar the best pick for your little buddy.


  • Works within an hour
  • Weighs 1.6 ounces
  • Lasts for 30 days

Sentry Calming Collar for Dogs

The distinctive feature of the Sentry Calming Collar that I really dig is its chamomile and lavender fragrance. These scents boost the collar’s soothing capabilities. Not only does it make your dog less anxious, but it also gives you a pleasant odor to smell all day long. You can use it for your pooch, regardless of its age or breed, as this one does not have any side effects in the long run.
The pheromones in this collar make your dog calm just like the natural hormone which its mother would have released to maintain peace and tranquility among her pups. This product is clinically proven to give positive results and help your dog achieve a tranquil state of mind that is free from worry and distress.

Pheromone calming collars are recent ways of calming a dog but are much more popular than all the other methods to achieve the same end. The calming collar by Sentry has been particularly manufactured to console your dog when it is stressed. Most common situations that trigger fear and anxiety among dogs is a car ride, fireworks and separation and the fear of you abandoning it altogether. This collar works in all such situations.

Though the Sentry Calming Collar is versatile when it comes to the fragrances it offers, there are a few points that keep it from being at the top of my list. The DAP or Dog Appeasing Pheromones content in this collar is a mere 0.02%. This is too low when compared to other brands.
Apart from that, its scent is too strong for some people, making them somewhat hesitant to go for it.

With that said, this product offers the most value for money. The cool features that this collar offers come within a reasonable price range. Furthermore, you can buy this collar in bulk as it usually comes in a pack of three and each one lasts for a good thirty days. This means you do not have to go to the store each month to get this collar as you can simply buy it in bulk and replace when needed. What’s more is that all sizes of this calming device can be adjusted.
With the number of features that this collar gives you and the availability of an economical pack, this product gives the most bang for your buck.


  • The collar has dimensions of 2 x 4 x 7.5 inches
  • Weighs 3.2 ounces
  • Each collar lasts for 30 days

Adaptil Calm On-the-Go Collar for Dogs

Calming products by Adaptil rarely contain drugs as they are natural. The Calm On-the-Go Collar will comfort your dog when it feels anxious during your visits to the vet or while traveling to new places.

When it comes into contact with the body of your dog, the heat emanating from your little buddy activates it to release pheromones, which is the chemical that helps calm down the anxious nerves of pups and dogs alike. This helps during stressful situations such as when you leave it alone in your apartment or when there’s a lot of noise. Simply put this collar around your dog’s neck and let it do the job. 

It is easy to fit the collar on your dog as it is adjustable to a certain extent. When you have the freedom of adjusting the size, you can ensure that the collar stays in a comfortable position on your dog’s neck without coming loose. However, you still need to buy different collar sizes for different dog sizes as one collar does not fit all. Thus, if you have a tiny dog, you need to buy a small collar for it, but if you have a big dog as well, a larger one will need to be bought separately. 

It’s a brand which most veterinarians recommend for pacifying dogs. You can buy 3 packs of Adaptil Calm On-the-Go in large size on Amazon. However, this offer is without any economy of scale. This means you won’t be getting any huge savings by buying it in bulk. On the bright side, this collar is not heavy on your wallet in the first place. You can even buy it for testing, which makes it a good pick for someone on a tight budget. 

One flaw about it is that it does not help when your dog is swimming in a pool or any other water body. The pheromones that help your dog calm down cannot be released in water. Hence, if your dog gets anxious when you take it for a swim, this collar won’t be the ideal choice as it won’t work there.

However, it is a waterproof collar whose chemicals won’t wear off too soon, increasing the overall longevity of the product. Typically, this collar works for four weeks after which you will have to replace it with a new one.


  • Available in three sizes: small, medium/large and puppy
  • Clinically proven
  • Lasts for four weeks

Calm Me Down by Herbal Calming Collars

Calm Me Down uses aromatherapy to soothe your dog. It has different herbs which add to the soothing effect such as balsam, chamomile and lavender. It does a great job at making your pup poised, calm and collected.

It helps reduce any sign of hyperactivity or anxiety in your dog caused under stressful conditions such as on a long ride or around noises. The herbs help calm down the fear-stricken dog and make it feel less anxious in situations which it can’t understand. Even though you cannot make your dog get the point that there’s nothing to worry about, the collar can tone down its fear.

If you wish to get your hands on a collar that lasts more than a month, there’s good news for you: this one does. A Calm Me Down collar would work efficiently for three months. If you put it in a plastic seal, it would work even longer than that. In case the collar is not seriously damaged and is properly taken care of, it may last for four months straight without having you to replace it with a fresh one. 

This collar is not only durable but also beautiful. These calming collars come in a fancy design. They are extremely comfortable to wear, much to the advantage of your dog’s neck muscles, and come in cute prints. You dog will look extra adorable wearing this collar. Each collar has a bowtie clasp in front, which keeps the collar fastened securely to your little pooch.
It is handcrafted in the United States, making it a luxurious band for dogs. The brand offers fifteen color options for you to choose from.

As all the collars on my list have been at least a little adjustable, you did not have to worry too much about them fitting your pup. However, this is not the case with the Calm Me Down. While it is a comfortable collar, you cannot adjust it according to your dog’s size. Hence, you will have to ensure you get the correct size.

On the bright side, you can buy this collar in five different sizes, so you are bound to find the correct one. If this collar is your choice, before purchasing it, make sure it fits your pup well. 


  • Available in 13 colors
  • Lasts for 3 months
  • Made of cotton

Buyer’s Guide

There is a slew of brands that manufacture pheromone dog collars. Given the variety of products in the market, it can be quite a task to choose one. This is why I have written in detail some of the points you need to consider before deciding on a product.

It is important that the collar you invest in is efficient at its job. The guiding points below together with the recommendations I gave earlier will surely make it easier for you to buy the best product for your canine friend.

Amount of Pheromone Used

The most crucial factor to look for in a calming collar is the amount of pheromone or DAP (dog appeasing pheromone) used in it. Pheromone composition tells you just how effective the calming collar will be at soothing the nerves of your dog. The higher the pheromone content in a collar, the better.

A calming device with a high number of DAP will release stronger pheromone. Some buyers fall into the trap of buying a collar with a low concentration of DAP. A low number means that the pheromone will wear off quickly and not give you good results. The amount of pheromone varies and can be anywhere between 0.02 percent to 6 percent. Adaptil Calm On-the-Go Collar has a fairly good number of pheromones, ranging from 2.5 percent to 5 percent.

Even though a higher amount of this chemical gives you better results, in the end, it all depends on your dog. Some dogs will respond immediately even with a collar which has a low number of DAP. 

Calming Method Used

Some calming collars use herbal methods, while others use essential oils. There are also collars that use sound as a way to calm down a dog. The type of calming method used is usually labelled on the packaging.

Look for the specific ingredients used in the collar and go with the one you think will work best for your dog. You need to decide whether or not you want to go with a pheromone collar. If you think that another natural therapy will be beneficial to your dog, go ahead and choose a collar that uses herbs or essential oils as soothing agents.

Size of Collar

The next thing which is important before you zero in on an item is the size of the collar. There are slight variations in sizes of a collar, so you need to get a size that will fit your dog. Do not go for a collar which is either too tight or hangs loose on your dog’s neck. The fitting has to be just right so that it will be comfortable for your dog and serve its purpose well. See if your dog can move its head from side to side in it. 

Should you find yourself in a situation where you don’t get a size that fits perfectly on your dog, buy a size which is larger than the one you need. Some collars are adjustable such as the Relaxivet Adjustable Calming Collar, which allows you to vary the size of the collar according to your dog’s neck. You can also customize a collar by cutting it or making another hole for the buckle to fit. 

Smell of Collar

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This one matters specially if you or your dogs are allergic to certain scents. Some calming collars come with a specific scent. They usually have essential oils mixed with the pheromone in the collar to give an added soothing smell. If you like collars that are boosted with scents, you will love these types of collars. 

However, not everyone is a fan of scents and smells. If you would like to opt for a product that is almost scent-free, pick out a product that has high levels of pheromones. Such collars usually do not have a smell that will bother you. An unscented collar is your product if you have a super-sensitive nose that isn’t too fond of strong smells.

Longer Lasting Pheromone

Once you put the collar around your pup, with each passing day, the pheromone in it will keep fading until the collar will no longer be useful for calming your dog. Therefore, look for a product which is durable and gives longer lasting pheromone so that you do not have to discard the collar sooner than you would like. Most pheromone collars last a month, which means you will have to buy a new one every thirty days.

When you bathe your pooch or take it swimming, the pheromone will wear off upon contact with water. You certainly don’t want to replace the collar too often, so you will have to steer clear of water. However, there are some that are waterproof and will not be affected by water. Hence, try to get a collar that is built to last.

Check for Allergies

Check whether your pup is allergic to a specific material that goes into making the collar. Some dogs develop pimples on the neck or scratch themselves. These are sure signs of allergy. Talk to a vet to know which product will suit your pet so that you can avoid any inconvenience.


Even if the size you picked out for your dog’s collar is perfect, there is a chance that it won’t make your pet comfortable. Therefore, before buying, ask the store manager or retail assistant if you can try the item on your pup. If you get a nod to go ahead, try it and see how your dog reacts. If you see any sign of discomfort, go for another product.

Certain materials are known for being comfortable, so you can choose a product made out of them. A calming collar will be of no use if your dog gets uncomfortable wearing it in the first place. That would give rise to other problems. To avoid that, always check whether the collar is easy for your dog to wear around its neck.


With all things considered, convenience is also an important factor which you must keep in mind when you go buy a collar. It looks like an insignificant point, but you will be using the item every day, so it needs to be easy to use.

Ask yourself whether you use another collar, a leash or a harness? If yes, you have to make sure the product you choose will not interfere with the ordinary collar or leash you will be using besides the calming pheromone collar. Doing so will save you the trouble of switching from one product to another and of taking off the collar every time you have to put on a leash as it will not fit with the collar in place. 

When to Buy a Calming Collar

You do not just go buy a calming collar just because you should. You should think of a calming collar as an option to help your little friend feel less anxious and be more relaxed. If your dog shows the following symptoms, it might mean your pet is uncomfortable and you need to calm it down with a collar:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Defecating accidentally
  • Diarrhea
  • Excessive barking
  • Urinating accidentally
  • Crying and whining
  • Cowering and coiling
  • Trembling
  • Incessantly shaking
  • Panting

Before buying a collar, try to understand the reason why your dog is showing such behavior and buy a calming collar to make these signs subside. If possible, take your dog to a vet to make sure there’s nothing serious going on.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have been trying to make my Xoloitzcuintli as comfortable and happy as possible. Having firsthand experience of using a calming collar for my little friend, I have tried to share my knowledge and experience with you. However, there are a few common questions which I keep hearing from my family and friends and which always come up whenever we talk about a calming collar.

I get their concern, which is why I am mentioning them here. I know that most of us have the same queries regarding new products that hit the marketplace, so I will try to answer them as best as I can.

Do calming pheromones collars work?

Pheromone collars do work and sometimes fairly well. They will help calm down your dog and make soothe it. However, the results you get vary from one dog to another. Some dogs respond well when a pheromone collar is used, while it would hardly have any effect on others.

How do these collars work?

These collars have a chemical which is similar in working to a hormone released by the mother dog. This hormone helps calm down the mother as well as her puppies. Pheromone collars make your dog feel secure by mimicking the natural hormones released by the mother dog after she gives birth to her pups. These collars contain DAP or dog appeasing pheromone which is a synthetic chemical similar to the biological hormone released in the mother dog’s body.

Are these collars safe to use?

Yes, these collars do not have any hazardous chemicals and are safe for your dog.

Should I use other calming agents in addition to these collars?

You can try using treats known for calming down dogs if you want.

Final Thoughts

Similar to cats, dogs show certain behavior which stems from their fears such as the fear of losing your company or the fear of the unknown. Changes in their surroundings and sudden bursts of noise can also make them anxious to the point that they become frantic. Like we need fidget spinners to relieve stress, your dog needs something to calm it down. The Relaxivet Adjustable Calming Collar does a great job at pacifying anxious nerves with its fortified formula that not only soothes your dog but also keeps its bad behavior at bay.

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