About Me

I am on a mission with Travel With Doggie help everyone travel around the world with their pets without any fuss, because they, like us, deserve to see what’s out there

But first, let me introduce myself properly…

Hi! I’m Sarah Cummings, travel enthusiast, dog lover, writer and of course, the blogger behind Travel With Doggie blog. Nice to meet you and thanks for looking up about me and my website.

I have been a travel fanatic since young when my parents will take me on trips all around the world. And it is in the green fields of a German countryside (I cannot remember since I was just 7 years old then!) that I saw how happy a Collie was running around freely amongst the grass. I remembered imploring my parents to get me a pet dog after that trip. And they did! I received a Xoloitzcuintle for my 8th year old birthday present. His name is “Xola” (pronounced “kho-la” with a gargling sound in the throat), derived from the short form of “Xoloitzcuintle”, and “hola”, the Spanish word for “hello”, since Xola is a hairless Mexican breed and Mexicans speak Spanish.

Xola always has that same adorable and excited expression whenever we take him on trips. And he is definitely not the only one that is so eager to go on trips. I am sure many dogs, if not all dogs, like traveling and traveling is only second nature to them.

However, traveling with a dog can be challenging and troublesome. I have seen couples leaving their dogs behind to their neighbours whenever they go traveling because they did not want to take care of their dogs during their trips. It is a hassle and has the potential to ruin a trip. So while it is understandable why people are doing this to their pooches, it is unfanthomable why they do so when it is so easy to take care of a dog while traveling!

I did a search on the Internet and it is then that I understood why. There is just too little information and tips on traveling with dogs, internationally, or localyl. Hence, I decided to come up with this website.

Ok, I do admit that it is not “that” easy to travel around with dogs. Ever since I started this blog, I learned so much about traveling with dogs and that depending on breeds, countries, even climates, the task can easily become a daunting one.

Nonetheless, with adequate information, this can be easily overcome and with Travel With Doggie, I will like to share my knowledge and experience with all of you!

Xola has since passed on, and this site is dedicated to him, as you can see from the logo of my website.

Keep calm and travel with doggie!