19 Honorable Ways On How To Memorialize A Dog

Matthew 28:20 “Surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

Losing a loyal four-legged companion is never easy. From one dog owner to the other, we understand the emptiness and pain that is felt after the loss. No one can dispute that the death of a dog can hurt as much as losing a special person.

To cope with grief, memorializing your dog heals the pain and, at the same time, allows you to cherish the great memories with your pet. Arranging a memorial service and writing a heartfelt obituary are good ways to honor and celebrate the life of your dog. Volunteering your time at an animal shelter is another way to do it.

We’d like to share with you how you can cope with the pain by doing something to memorialize your pet in an honorable way.

19. Arrange A Memorial Service

Saying your final farewell to a beloved dog is best shared with close family and friends who became part of your dog’s life. One does not have to go through the painful experience alone, and having a memorial service that touches on the spiritual side of the proceedings helps one in moving on.

A fitting way to do this is to have a candle lighting ceremony where guests can reminisce about their encounters with their pet while lighting a candle.

18. Pen A Heartful Obituary

Writing something down on paper or on a computer is one way to go through the grieving process. Penning an obituary that describes how your dog has meant to you and the innumerable memorable experiences you had with your pet lets you honor its memory.

You can either publish it in print or on social media. Another idea is to print it out and send it like a notecard with an accompanying picture of your dog to let close friends know that your pet has passed.

17. Find The Perfect Resting Place With Touching Headstone Message

Having a particular place to bury your deceased dog is one way to memorialize your pet. Pet cemeteries are a popular resting place where you can have the chance to visit your dog on special occasions like birthdays.

Burying it in your backyard is also another option, but remember that certain local ordinances need to be followed, like the depth of the burial ground and the material your dog was buried in.

16. Pick A Personalized Urn

Placing your pet’s ashes in a personalized urn is another way of keeping their memories alive by having them near you at all times. We deal with grief differently, and there is nothing wrong with keeping their ashes and displaying them in a container inside your home.

Specialized or decorative urns come in different materials, from pine wood to ceramic, and your dog’s picture can be imprinted or inserted on the front box to keep their memories alive.

15. Scatter The Ashes In Your Dog’s Favorite Spot

If you choose not to place your dog’s remains in an urn, scattering their ashes in a favorite spot is another popular choice, whether it is a beach you frequently visit, a hiking trail you both enjoy exploring, or even your own backyard.

A scattering tube is often used to hold the ashes and allow the person to sprinkle them with ease and control. Before performing this task, be aware of local laws regarding ash scattering. Some public places may require special permission.

14. Post An Online Tribute

One way to keep the memories alive about your beloved dog is to share pictures, videos, and stories online. This can either be done via a blog or through a picture-sharing app. Numerous social media accounts do this nowadays, chronicling their pets’ lives from birth and even after their passing.

This is also a perfect venue for your friends and family to share their sweet memories about your dog. They might even have pictures and videos with your dog that you are unaware of.

13. Clone Your Dog

If you have the money to spare, cloning your dog is one way to keep it living on. This is just what Barbra Streisand famously did with her deceased Coton de Tulear, Sammie. DNA was taken from the cheek of her dog while it was still alive and cloned to make perfect reproductions.

This could even yield more than one clone since cells can be copied multiple times. Their personalities may be different from the original one, but their physical looks would definitely be identical.

12. Have A Felted Replica Made

Another option to memorialize your pet is to have a three-dimensional art and craft version of it. Some may find it unusual, but it is gaining popularity due to the uncanny likeness of some of these reproductions to their real dog.

Most of these are miniature replicas where you can have the option of placing your pet’s ashes inside the sculptures or incorporating their fur into the felt thread. The artists who make these creations can capture your dog’s unique features and facial expressions.

11. Get A Tattoo

One great way to signify your love for your dog is by getting a memorial tattoo in its honor. Our dogs leave a lasting impression, and for some, the best way to keep their memory alive is to imprint an image of their dog on their skin. The tattoos represent the special bond and moments you shared with your dog.

Some of the common tattoo designs are heart and paw prints or an outline of the dog. You can also add a message or a quotation that captures how you best remembered it.

10. Memorial Diamonds

There are several companies that can turn your dog’s ashes into diamonds. The body of most animals, including us, contains 18% to 25% carbon, and diamonds are nothing but pure carbon formed through extreme heat and pressure.

It would set you off a couple of thousands, though, and almost a year before you can get the diamond. But, the resulting gem is worth it. You can even choose the color and the carat size of the stone.

9. Create A Memory Box

One amazing method of bidding farewell to an adored canine is by making a memory box full of pictures, memorabilia such as an old collar or toy, and other objects that would make you remember your pet.

It is a convenient way of storing everything in a box that you can access anytime you feel the longing to recall your deceased dog. This is also a great method in helping young children come to terms with the death of a pet.

8. Preserve Paw Or Nose Print

Preserving your dog’s paw print or nose print is one excellent option you can do in keeping their memory alive. There are paw print kits available on the market where you can make a cast from their paws or their snouts and use it as a rubber stamp to make personalized cards ornaments or simply mount them into frames.

It is just like the human fingerprint where no two paws or noses are alike, making it a unique stamp of your dog.

7. Memorial Plate

Have a memorial plate made where you can place it in your backyard, inside your home, or in a small garden. There are several materials you can choose that can be customized to a shape that you prefer.

Whether it is carved from natural stones, marble, or bronze and placed as a marker or as a mini-upright monument, these serve as a great reminder of the times you shared together.

6. Memorial Bracelet Or Necklace

Having a keepsake in the form of jewelry is also a very popular choice among dog owners, and there are companies that specialize in this type of art. Whether a bracelet or a necklace, there are numerous options you can do to make this possible.

You can have a pendant molded into the shape of its paws, or you can simply place its picture inside a locket that you can always wear near your heart.

5. Create A Christmas Ornament

Christmas is a special time for most of us, and one great idea is to use your dog’s ashes in a holiday ornament like a Christmas ball. Special memories are often remembered during these occasions, and their presence is felt every time you hang the ornament on the tree.

An artist can mix the ashes with the glass or resin of the ornament and can even be engraved with an image or a quotation that helps you recall your pet.

4. Incorporate Ashes Into Work Of Art

Another option you can do with the ashes is to incorporate them into unique art pieces. Some artists can create fused glass artwork or stained glass art that can be an alternative to an urn. 

A local glass artist will melt the glass at a high temperature with some of the ashes and create a stunning artwork that you can hang and display in your house. That way, you can always remember your dog every time you admire the work of art.

3. Plant A Tree

You can plant a tree or a flower bed in your dog’s honor. It doesn’t have to be on their gravesite but also in your backyard where it enjoyed playing or running around.

You can also commemorate it by having a tree planted in your dog’s honor in a US National Park. This not only preserves the memory for a long time but also helps reforestation programs that restore forests destroyed by wildfire and other natural disasters.

2. Going Out With A Bang

Some companies offer creative ways of scattering your dog’s ashes, and nothing beats saying goodbye to a beloved dog than with an explosive sendoff to the heavens. You can have their cremated ash incorporated into a fireworks display in a color scheme of your choice that can even be synchronized to music of your choice.

If you are an outdoorsy type who likes to hunt with your dog, another novel idea is to place their ashes inside live ammunition or bullet.

1. Donate Money Or Time To An Animal Shelter

Contributing to a charity under the name of your dog is another great way to memorialize it after its death. It is even better if you donate to a cause that closely relates to your dog’s life.

If your dog was adopted from an animal or rescue shelter, then donate to the organization where you got it. Was your dog suffering from a particular disease? Then you can contribute something to further the research about that disease. There are many organizations and clubs you can help by giving financial contributions.

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Do Dogs Know When They Are Dying? One cannot give a definite answer if a dog knows it is dying. But, a lot of dog owners and veterinarians do observe some manifestations that a dog can sense its end is near. When they are dying or approaching death, dogs seem to isolate themselves more and withdraw from everything around it.

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Can I Taxidermy My Dog? Yes, you can choose to freeze-dry and stuff your pet as a way to honor and remember a beloved dog. But, remember that It may not look the same way as when it was alive, even when it is done by an expert taxidermist. We are very familiar with our pet’s expressions and idiosyncrasies that the resulting freeze-drying may not capture. 

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How Do You Celebrate A Dog’s Life? You can celebrate your dog’s life by inviting family and friends over for a small party either at your house or in the park, where you both enjoy socializing with other people and pets. This is a perfect time to share memories and good times with the people that your dog had close encounters with while it was alive.

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