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7 Essential Oil That Is Good For Dog Mange

Certain essential oils have healing and soothing factors for mange. Combining them together with your dog shampoo is a good way to heal the plague.

Avoid using sea buckthorn and aloe essential oils to treat demodex mites as they are proven least effective against these mites based on this study. Here is a quick list of the essential oil that will alleviate the mange in your dogs

  • Lemon
  • Peppermint
  • Tea Tree
  • Sage
  • Lavender
  • Neem
  • Lemongrass


Lemon | Travel with Doggie

Lemon is citric in nature, so it creates an environment that is not favorable for the mites to live in. Although the oil is not acidic in nature, it contains certain chemical compounds that are the nemesis of these mange mites. A recent study in 2016 has shown an inverse relation between the presence of lemon oil and the population of the demodectic mange.

The smell of citric, however, repels dogs, so you may want to use it together with some other essential oils to overpower the smell of lemon.


Peppermint | Travel With Doggie

Peppermint originates from its eponymous plant source. It is commonly used in pesticides, which explains why it is effective against the mites. For something this deadly against bugs, fortunately it has a sweet fragrance.

Unfortunately, like lemon, that is not a scent that dogs like. However, likewise you can use another essential oil like to overpower the smell of peppermint.

I would strongly recommend the Sun Essential Oils’ Best Peppermint Oil for your dog. It has a whopping 4900 reviews and counting and remains the most sold peppermint essential oil in its category on Amazon.

Tea Tree

Tea Tree | Travel With Doggie

According to this study, tea tree, sage and peppermint are very effective against demodex mites.

Tea tree oil, also known as melaleuca oil, has properties that guard against bacterial and fungi infections. It has a history as an ingredient in various traditional medicine.

The Healing Solutions Tea Tree Essential Oil is your definite go-to choice for tea tree essential oil. There are over 35000 reviews on it, which quite frankly is the most I have ever seen on any one product. It is also given the status of Amazon’s Choice, further justifying its worth. It does not cost a bomb as well; you can check its price on Amazon and it has the perfect small size for testing the effect of the essential oil on your dogs before making any bulk purchases.


Sage | Travel With Doggie

Sage is known as the master herb in the old pages of history. There are numerous records that depicted it with miraculous properties. It came up top against the mites as well.

Sage belongs to the mint family, just like peppermint. So unfortunately, it is not a scent that dogs will like.

Another excellent product from Healing Solution with over 35000 reviews under its belt, the Healing Solution Sage Essential Oil is definitely the brand to go for if you choose to get a sage essential oil for your dogs’ mange problems. It cost less than $10 and comes in a small size befitting of experimenting with your dog the suitability of this essential oil in terms of its scent and medical effects.


Lavender | Travel With Doggie

Lavender seems to be the most useful essential oil that has anything to do with dogs.

Its fragrance can calm dogs to keep them from becoming agitated from the constant torture of the mange mites.

More importantly, lavender essential oil is also known to have antiseptic and antibacterial  properties that creates an environment that is not conducive for the growth and spread of the mites.

You can use the essential oil as topical medication on the area of the skin that is ravaged by these micro creatures. Another way to use it is to add it to your dog shampoo before you give it a good scrub, especially at the back of its ears where the mites are known to thrive.

It might not be as effective as tea tree, sage, or peppermint, but it is definitely the best essential oil to complement them when you apply on dogs.

Healing Solutions also has a Lavender Essential Oil option that is performing as well as its peers previously mentioned essential oils. I will recommend this as your go-to choice for lavender essential oil products.


Neem | Travel With Doggie

Neem oil contains certain properties that suggests its prowess against bugs infestation like ringworm and, this case in particular, demodectic mange.

Consider the Oleavine Neem Oil as it is extremely well received on Amazon. You can check the reviews from the previous customers here. It is definitely the best choice for Neem essential oil if you intend to go for the Neem flavor.

You can also use Nature’s Specialties Neem Shampoo which contains Neem essential oil as its main constituent as an alternative to topical medication.

Final Thoughts

Whichever essential oil you choose, make sure you are getting one with only natural  ingredients. Any chemical additives will cause irritation to the skin that can aggravate the condition further.

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