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3 Ways To Secure Dog In Car With A Leash

Car rides can bring a lot of excitement to your dogs which can lead them to have anxiety, fear, happiness and mixed emotions. It makes them want to run, jump and even get their head out of the window. If this is what you have been experiencing with your dog in a car drive, then you should secure your dog before you start driving.

There are different ways to secure your dog in the care it may be using dog crates, barriers, seat belt for dogs and etc. But most people have one crate for their dogs and you don’t want to carry it from your car to your home or vice versa right? 

Tie-Up Cable Secured To Latch

The best way to secure your dog for car travel is to use tie-up cable secured to the latch (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) / ISOFIX and a normal leash.

All vehicles from 2002 should have tie-downs as it’s required for car seats. With these latch, you can hook your cables and attach the other end in your dog’s collar. There are different tie-down points in car seats that helps prevent your dog from being hurt during car crash and avoid them from running inside your car. 

Giving them enough space to stand up and lie down, while limiting their actions. 

Take note, that you shouldn’t give your dog a long cable cause ideally your dog loves to play around.

Use A Leash with Carabiner To Lock Onto The Latch

In between the backseat, there are round circles that indicates tie-down car seat, which definitely some of you didn’t know of. You can also use that, let your dog enjoy the backseat, giving it enough space to sit or lie down while their actions are being limited.

The cables should be chew resistant, locking clips should be durable enough for your type of dog and size should vary as well. You need to choose the perfect product that fits to your dog size. 

It’s very important to buy a well-made cable especially for large breed dogs, since they are more powerful than smaller ones. 

You should also consider the length of your cable that allows your dog to conveniently lie down and sit, you don’t want them to move around right? Even if they are already safe from cables, you shouldn’t let your dog freely move anywhere in the backseat since it’s gonna make them excited and playful.

It’s easy to use, can be stored anywhere in your car and keeps your dog safe even during car crash.

Use Leash That Has The Male Part Of A Seatbelt

Another thing that you can apply for using leash is to use an adjustable car seat belt for dogs. It’s a product that is specifically made for dogs to enjoy the backseat of your car while preventing them from having the freedom to move anywhere. 

You should purchase a durable product, it’s mostly made from high-quality nylon fabric, zinc alloy clip and has metal buckles, just like car seat belts. 

Before you purchase, make sure you know the compatibility for your dog. 

With these dog seatbelt, you can both enjoy car travel without worries. Your dog will never disturb you from driving ever again. Just make sure you secure every clip and metal buckle before the ride.

Final Thoughts

Dog car leash is one of the most popular problems that dog owners face in every car drive. Having a secure and safe equipment to keep your dog from going everywhere, can help you feel comfortable even on long drives. 

With this article, you’ll surely find the best security for your dog during car drives. These products will keep your dog’s safe, prevent them from moving around and gives you a convenient driving experience, knowing that your dogs are relaxed throughout your journey.

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