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How To Seatbelt A Dog In A Car

Don’t know how to use a seat belt for your dog in a car? Before anything else, have you already purchased dog car seat belt? If yes, then you just need to learn how to strap your dog in a proper way using car seat belts for dogs

Seat belts are the best way to secure your dogs from car drive, it helps limit their actions and freedom inside the car, while giving them enough space to move and feel relaxed during travel. Read on to learn the considerations before buying a dog car seat belt.

4 Things To Consider Before Buying Dog Car Seat Belt

Purchase The Right Size

The first thing you need to consider is the size of the harness you want to buy for your dog. It should fit or match to the size of your dog. If you have small dogs, then pick items for small dogs while for larger dogs pick the right one for their size.

Quality Of The Product

Quality is very important when it comes to choosing your dog car seat belt since this is where you can determine how well the security it can provide to you and your dog. Will it let your dog break from leash after several days used? What product is it made of? You might also want to check the customer reviews of the product, so you know if it’s the best in the market.


It plays a big role in providing space and freedom for your dog to relax while limiting it’s areas to play. The more adjustable and versatile it is, the better. Find a product that offers multiple adjustability and take control of your pet’s comfort.

Comfort It Brings To Your Dog

With the right size, adjustability, quality of product and etc. You would surely find a perfect dog car seat belt that can bring comfort and security for your beloved pet. Materials used also plays a big role in providing comfort to your dogs.

Other Usages

Before you buy, think of the product if it’s the right one for what you want to use it for. There are some people who prefer dog car seatbelt that they can use for walkies at the same time, training and etc. If you would like to use the product for something else, then consider the other features offered to get most of the product you wish to buy.

3 Methods To Seatbelt Your Dogs

There are three different methods that you can try to keep your dogs safe from jumping out of the window. With these methods, you can easily determine which one works best for you. Learn how to seatbelt your dog in a car using these 3 methods for dog car seat belt, read on.

Normal Harness

It is the most popular car seat belt for dogs that you can find in the market. But yes, it still provides security for your dogs. It’s also suitable for walkies without giving your dog a hard time or choking itself from the strap.

It’s comfortable to wear, convenient to use and easy to connect with your car. How? Wear the harness to your dog properly and then, use the seatbelt attachment directly to the seatbelt lock. With this, you can easily lock your dog in the backseat. A fast and easy way to keep your dog stay in the car in one position. It’s still provides comfort and convenience to the pet owners.

Normal Harness and Carabiner

Buckle your dog in a secure and proper way using the normal harness and carabiner. The harness should be fit to your dog; most seatbelts have adjustment points so choose one that fits conveniently for your dog. Then, you can start attaching the carabiner into your pet’s shoulder and waist. The carabiner adds more security to your dog in the car. After you have attached the carabiner, you can now connect the strap for shoulder and waist to the seatbelt.

You should attach a carabiner at the back strap. Take note that you should never use carabiner into the attachment of the leash. It may not be strong to hold your dog during a car crash, but it can definitely provide security for your dog during car rides.

Seatbelt Harness

Make your dog feel comfortable while on car drive using a seatbelt harness. A safe and convenient way to keep your dog calm even during long rides. 

A seatbelt harness consist of a special leash that has the male part of the seatbelt at its end. It is specifically designed for dog car seat belt. It is perfect for traveling with your dog on a ar.

The first thing that you should do is to wear the harness to your dog before going inside the car, then use the harness and attach it into the car seat belt and you are ready to go. With the seatbelt harness, you are rest assured that your dog has limited access, can stand up, sit and relax while traveling.

There are plenty of dog car seat belt that you can choose from, but before even buying one, you should mainly consider the size of your dog. It should be comfortable for your dogs to where their seat belt, so they won’t have to suffer from being choked or inconvenience, which can eventually give you more issues in the future. Make sure you know the size of your dog before buying car seat belts for dogs.

Final Thoughts

Dog car seat belt can be confusing to purchase especially when you know that it’s more than just providing safe but as well as comfort to your dog. Get the right car seat belts for dogs that suits to your desired purpose of the product. 

Once you have chosen your dog’s seat belt, you can start getting your dog used to it before you use it in real action. It’s a new thing for your pet and it could bring them excitement, which can lead to a hyperactive dog. Introduce the dog car seat belt before using it for a long drive.

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