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How To Make A Dog Crate More Comfortable For Road Trips

A dog crate should be made in a way that your dog would love to stay over there whenever they feel like it. It should be their personal cozy nook even if they decide to nap for a while. So if you are gearing up for a road trip, then you should always ensure that your puppy crate is at its best for them to have a less bumpy and completely smooth ride till the destination. With the right crate, your beloved pet will sleep comfortably on the entire road trip. So what are some of the things that you must include in your crate for dogs? This article will help you to make the crate super cozy for the little member to feel the best even on a moving car. Take a look to know more.


Most of the crates which are found in the market usually have a really hard base made out of plastic. This is going to make your dog feel really uncomfortable, and as a result, they will not want to stay in the crate. You should get a dog crate pad to cushion the hard surface of the dog crate. Getting a soft crate pad would encourage your dog to sleep within the confinements of the crate.

Personally, I would recommend the DERICOR Dog Bed Crate Pad. On top of being extremely comfortable, it is also machine washable. This makes it much more convenient to take care of your dog and ensure its hygiene in the dog crate. It is also the Amazon’s Choice which says it all about its credentials as one of the most comfortable and practical dog crate pad in the market.

You might want to consider getting covered dog bed instead of a dog crate to house your dogs during on the road or at home. A covered dog bed is definitely much better than a crate because it warm and cozy. It ensures your dog will be able to get a good sleep even on the road.

While you are out buying the bed for your dog, make sure you look for one that will cushion the joints on your dog’s legs and will also provide firm support to their back. For that, I recommend the Best Pet Supplies Corduroy Tent Bed for Pets. It is easy to clean and also has a hook at its top for easy carrying and handling. It is also the Amazon’s Choice for covered dog beds.

In fact, there are so many types of dog beds out there in the market. Each type has different feature and serve different purpose on top of being a mere furniture for dogs to sleep on. Depending on your dog’s age, character, breed and many other factors, certain types beds are going to be more comfortable for them. An example would be to get an orthopedic dog bed if you have a senior dog to ease their aching joints, or if your dog has chronic back pain due to its disproportionately short legs and long body.

Crate Covers

Dogs love a dark and provide kind of den, and there is no better way to do it than to get a crate cover. Crate covers will keep your dog secure and cool in hot and humid conditions. If you are traveling by car, then your dog can sleep peacefully on the go even when the sun is up. Just be sure that you keep the door open so that your dog can enter and leave as pet their will.

The crate covers should always be of breathable material so that your little one doesn’t feel suffocated inside the crate. These materials should allow air to flow through them for ventilation purpose. These materials are either made of porous materials, or they have some area on their material that have holes.

I personally recommend the MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate Cover for its easy to wash teflon material that is durable and scratch resistant. It is designed not only to last, but also to provide a secure and private atmosphere for your dog to have a good night’s rest.

Water Access Facility

This is really important if you are planning on a long road trip. If the traveling time in the car is much then it is obvious that your dog will feel thirsty and there will be no other place to drink from in a moving car. So make sure you buy a bowl or a water bottle that will have a hook to hang it on the side of the crate. This will ensure that even while you are on the road, your dog can stay hydrated and lively all throughout. Remember to change the water regularly as well to clean the container so that there is no bacterial or fungal growth, and your dog stays in the best condition always.

The Poodle Pet Water Feeder makes an excellent choice for a water dispenser for the dog crate. It is designed to mount onto dog crates easily and quickly. Water can be refilled easily as well. The best feature about it is its clipping mechanism. It is made of 2 fixers placed on either side of the crate wall and are connected by a screw. It is not made of a hook and hung onto one of the wires of a metal dog crate. This implies 3 significant advantages:

  1. It can fit onto all kinds of dog crates not only metal wired ones, as long as there is a opening being enough for the screw to go through
  2. It has a greater stability and it will not come off easily, as compared to the hook that the dog can easily displace
  3. It has a lower probability be broken accidentally as it does not have a protruding section like the hook

Hence, this is the perfect dog crate water bottle that will give you the bang for your buck.


Some people might discourage you from putting toys in your crate for dogs because they think it disturbs the peaceful sleeping environment that you provide them with. But it not always that your dog will be in a relaxed and peaceful mood. Sometimes they will also want to play with things and fiddle around with something. So while you are in a car, with the lack of space to play, the best thing that you can do is to put a lot of toys in the crate so that your dog stays engaged all throughout the journey. There are also other ways to keep your dog busy in the crate on the road.

However, make sure to avoid toys made of soft materials that can be ripped apart easily as they can potentially cause a huge mess. Your dog might also end up swallowing the toys if they are too small. Therefore, before you insert any kind of toys in the crate, it is always a good idea to check if they toys are chewable and durable. Nevertheless, for a healthy and playful dog, toys in the crate are a must.

In fact, get a dental chew toy. This are chew toys that have grooves around it which brushes your dog’s teeth while they chewing happily on the toy. You can kill 2 birds with 1 stone with a dental chew toy. Look no further than the IQ Treat Ball. It is an FDA certified product made of natural and non toxic latex that can become really addictive to chew on for your dog. It is also highly bite resistant, allowing even the strongest dog to enjoy challenging its indestructibility. Its round shape adds to its durability, unlike chew toys that resemble a stick which can be vulnerable to breaking if a substantial amount if force is applied on it that leverages a pivot and its length to generate a proportionately greater torque.

Soothing Smells

Your dog might suffer from something called the separation anxiety when you put them in the crate. This phenomenon occurs when they are missing you and doesn’t want to be left all alone in a dark crate.

The best solution for this is to fill the crate that with a smell that your dog is familiar with. For example, if your dog knows how you smell and loves it, then you can simply put a piece of clothing inside the crate that smells like you. Another option is to use essential oils specifically for treating dog anxiety with a scent that can calm them down and make them feel like at home. You may also get an essential oil diffuser for car to add some fragrance to your car ride.

This one simple trick will give them the feeling of belongingness, and as a result, they will stay calmly inside the crate without disturbing you outside in any way.


Dog On Pillow | Travel With Doggie

Dog crates should also be warm, soft and comfy. This is screaming for the need of pillows!

The soft cushion-like things will give your dog utmost comfort in its sleep. Just make sure that they are not too hard and not made up of a weak material that is easily tearable.

The pillows should be made from durable material that is is chew and scratch resistant. They  should neither be too soft nor hard to act as a shock absorber for your pets when you are out there in a bumpy car.

Food Arrangement

For food items in the crate, it is always the best option to stick to dry food items since they are are spill proof. You can leave dog food or treats in the crate for them to munch on to whenever you are hungry. Other good options for on the go food in the crate are bones which they can chew on to for your dog to stay distracted for hours.


Along with the food, another important thing you can keep in your dog’s crate is the medicine. You can keep them outside as well, but the disadvantage of this is you are most likely going to forget to feed them the medicine. But if you keep all the necessary medicines in the corner of the crate, then you will remember to feed your pet, the medicines, whenever you take a peek inside their den. So never again will you miss another day where you forgot to give your dog the medicines.

If you are afraid of your dog playing with them in the create, I would suggest keep them in a closed container or a tupperware so that they will not be able to open it and take the medicine out.

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