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Best Calming Pheromone Spray For Dogs

Using calming pheromone spray is an effective method to calm your dog. First, let me give a little background on how the concept of pheromone spray came into being.

Mother dogs are known for producing a chemical that changes the behavior or mood of her puppies. Not just mother dogs, but all animals, especially mammals, have this characteristic. This chemical is basically known as pheromone. The pheromone spray does the exact same thing.

You see, dogs feel emotions like fear and anxiety, just like us. When dogs are feeling scared, anxious or annoyed, they become aggressive, which usually results in destructive behavior, excessive noise or barking and urinating everywhere in the house. Calming them down becomes a little hard, which is where a pheromone spray comes in.

There are many drugs and other products available that are used to calm a stressed dog, but if you are hesitant about using drugs, the pheromone spray should be your go-to solution. Since not all pheromone products are the same, you will have to consider a few factors before you go shopping, but more on that later. I have searched and searched and come up with a list of the best pheromone sprays. The list includes:

  • ThunderEssence 
  • Sentry Good Behavior Calming Spray
  • Relaxivet Natural Calming Spray 
  • Adaptil [DAP] Calming Spray 
  • Warren London 
  • Pets-At-Ease 


ThunderEssence made it to the top of the list because it is best in every situation. It is an inexpensive and versatile spray made of natural essential oils such as chamomile, lavender, and Egyptian geranium. These oils are widely used in aromatherapy and are famous for their calming effects. Not only are they completely safe sedatives for dogs, but they are also good for humans. 

This product is one of the best in the market, and it is highly recommended by veterinarians. The ThunderEssence pheromone spray works well with other calming products, especially ThunderShirt. With it, you can make your dog feel relieved and calm every time you leave it home alone. 

The ThunderEssence therapeutic spray is quite effective but not overwhelmingly strong. All you have to do is to spray it onto your dog’s bedding, in the air or on your little friend’s coat. The spray is most effective in enclosed areas like a car without causing excessive irritation. This product is also a great solution for neutralizing bad odor. 

It is 100% safe for dogs. It can help calm down a dog in many stressful situations and is a good option for travel as well. It is cruelty-free and dye-free and has a balanced pH level.

One great thing about it is that it comes with a money-back guarantee, so you can give this product a try right now and see for yourself why it is one of the best. It is true that not every pheromone spray works on every dog breed, so you might to have to take a risk first. However, that shouldn’t be a problem because if it doesn’t work, you can always get your money back.


  • pH balanced
  • Made with natural essential oils
  • Recommended by vets

Sentry Good Behavior Calming Spray

Sentry is famous for making pheromone products for dogs and cats. All of its products are considered high quality and effective. Sentry products have one distinct feature: the lavender and chamomile smell. These two are natural herbs and are known for their calming effects.

This calming spray is not only good for the dog, but it can have soothing effects on humans as well. Thus, it is a treat for you too. 

This pheromone spray is very effective at calming dogs down in any stressful situation. The Sentry Good Behavior Calming Spray has been tested clinically and proven to be effective at changing the behavior and physiology of dogs when they are under stress. It helps the dog achieve a tranquil state of mind so that it can be free of any stress and anxiety. Clinical testing has also proven that this calming spray can help reduce the heart rate of dogs when they are exposed to a situation that can trigger anxiety. 

You will find a lot of pheromone sprays, but the unique formula of this one helps it make its way to the top. The soothing formula can temporarily fix any stressful situation in a few minutes, and your dog will feel safe and secure.

Since it is so small, it is the perfect choice for travels. This way, you can keep your dog calm during all car rides. 

This pheromone spray, like any other spray, is very easy to use. You can use it by spraying it on your dog’s bed or crate. The interesting thing about it is that it offers the most value for money. It offers many amazing features at a very low price, making it a worthy product.

If you are new to using pheromone sprays and do not know which product to go with, you can buy the Sentry Good Behavior Calming Spray as a tester due to its cheap price. Pheromone sprays do not work on all kinds of dogs and since this one is so cheap, it will not be considered a loss if it does not work. 


  • Clinically tested
  • Available in 1 oz. bottle
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces

Relaxivet Natural Calming Spray

The Relaxivet Natural Calming Spray is yet another great calming pheromone spray. Its enhanced formula is made of natural ingredients and contains no harmful additives, making it completely safe and non-toxic for your dogs. It creates a soothing natural smell, just like a mother dog would do to calm down her puppies in a stressful situation. 

This spray can be used on dogs to relieve their stress and anxiety when they show behavioral changes. Hence, it is the perfect solution for controlling anxiety triggered by vet visits, car rides or a new environment. This spray can calm down dogs in any situation.

Just spray 5 to 10 clicks on your dog every time it starts panicking, and the spray will start showing its effect in just 20 minutes. The effect of the spray is temporary, but it can last for 4 to 6 hours. This is long enough to calm down your dog completely. You can also spray it on your dog’s bedding and crate to help it relax while it is sleeping. 

The ingredients of this spray include rosemary, geranium and catnip. These are the kind of ingredients that have no side effects. They are natural herbs and are non-toxic to both dogs and their owners. Furthermore, you will not have to worry about your dog getting addicted to the product, and it will not cause a reaction on sensitive skin.

Just like other amazing products by Relaxivet, this pheromone spray is a high-quality product. It is highly recommended by veterinarians as well. Considering its amazing qualities, going for this product will be a sound choice for your dog. However, make sure you check with the vet before using this product just to be on the safe side.


  • Safe for sensitive skin
    Effect duration: 4 to 6 hours
  • Works on both dogs and cats
  • Effect duration: 4 to 6 hours

Adaptil [DAP] Calming Spray

Adaptil comes with a dog appeasing pheromone or DAP. It is yet another great spray that can immediately calm down your dog in any stressful situation. The reason for Adaptil being so famous is that its products hardly contain drugs as they are usually made of natural ingredients. This pheromone spray has great qualities and is the perfect choice for travel as well.

The price of this spray is undeniably high, but you will only have to spray the product 3 to 7 pumps per use as the pump is a micro-mister. That is why you will not have to worry about the bottle finishing for a long time. Also, you get three diffusers refills for the same price, so that should take some of the burden off your wallet. Besides, the functionality of this pheromone spray is well worth the price. 

You can use the spray both outside and inside. The spray can work for up to 700 sq. ft. The diffuser works by spraying it in the air or on your dog’s bed, crate or travel cage. You can even use it on a bandana and use it as a dog pheromone collar to calm down your pet in a situation where it would otherwise panic. Furthermore, you can spray it inside the car to help your buddy relax whenever you take it to the vet. 

The Adaptil Calming Spray uses a formula that is made of natural ingredients and non-toxic. It is completely safe for your furry friend. It is also odorless, so you can easily use it without feeling like breathing on chemicals. However, do not use the spray directly on your dog. 

This synthetic pheromone spray is usually used for calming down adult dogs, but it can also be used on puppies. It will give them a sense of calmness and confidence during their training. 

One thing that might bother you is that it lasts for a very short period, maximum 3 hours, which is far less than other pheromone sprays. Even pheromone collars last longer than that. Moreover, one refill lasts only 30 days. Although it’s a high-quality product, you might want to reconsider its longevity before spending any money on it.


  • Has to be sprayed 15 minutes before it is required
  • Effect duration: 3 hours
  • Comes in a 60 ml bottle

Warren London

Warren London is made in the USA. You will not find any chemical or sedative used in the pheromone sprays made by this brand. Made with a blend of different essential oils, Warren London calming spray is a non-toxic and effective calming product for anxious dogs.

One main ingredient used in this product that will catch anybody’s attention is lavender. Lavender is a flower that has been used for a very long time as a natural herb in calming products. Now, it is used widely in the form of essential oil in different products, including dog calming pheromone sprays. Hence, the effectiveness of this product is guaranteed. However, you can’t know beforehand whether it will work on your dog because pheromone sprays have a different effect on different dog breeds.

The Warren London calming spray is very easy to use. The bottle is small enough to be carried around easily when you travel. 

Furthermore, since it has no drugs whatsoever, you will not have to worry about your pets getting addicted. It is also great for handling any stressful situation, whether it is visiting a vet, storms, fireworks, an unknown environment or anything else.

For the product to act quickly, spray the product on your dog’s lower back or chest. You can also spray it on its crate or bed to provide a more relaxing environment so that it can have a peaceful sleep. Not only can you use this pheromone spray on adult dogs, but you can also use it on puppies without any worry.


  • Weight: 2 ounces
  • For all dog sizes
  • Ingredients: Lavender, vetiver, clary sage and sweet orange


While we might not understand what can trigger a pet’s anxiety, we can help them be at ease. That’s what products like Pets-At-Ease are for. As the name suggests, it keeps your dogs and cats at ease when you leave them home alone, when you take them to the vet or when they face any other phobia that can trigger a behavioral change in them. 

It is a high-quality product and is just as effective as any other product on this list. The bottle is small enough to be carried around easily when you travel, and the formula is effective enough to handle any aggressive behavior, excessive barking, peeing or chewing on things. 

This pheromone spray is easy to use. You just have to spray the product on your palms and rub them on your dog’s collar or neck. You can also spray it on your furry friend’s bedding or crate. This will calm down your dog and help it get a peaceful sleep. 

Pets-At-Ease is purely made of botanical ingredients. The solution is a mixture of different soothing flower essences, making it 100% natural. It is totally non-addictive, safe, and effective. Moreover, it does not create any drowsiness or result in an upset stomach. Thus, you can relax and use it whenever your dog needs a little relaxation. 

One interesting thing about it is that it comes with a money-back guarantee. Hence, you can give it a try without any worry and if you are not satisfied with it, you can always get your money back.


  • Comes in a 1 oz. bottle
  • Dimensions: 1.1 x 1.1 x 4 inches
  • Made of a blend of multiple flower essences

Buyer’s Guide

As a pet owner, you will agree with me when I say that calming down a stressful dog can be challenging, whether they are scared and shivering or are aggressively barking and breaking things. Different dogs react to a scary situation in different ways. This is why not all pheromone sprays work on all dogs. 

One thing that is necessary to know about these products is that they are different when it comes to their properties. Some of them are safe and can be given to dogs regularly without any worry of side effects, while others can only be given when there’s a need for them, though their effects are temporary and last for a short while. You will need to understand which kind of product your dog needs.

There are many other factors that you need to consider before you buy a pheromone spray:

Source of Anxiety

Sad Dog | Travel With Doggie

To get the right kind of product for your dog, you will need to understand your dog’s anxiety type or what triggers its behavioral change. Some anxiety causes are deeper than others. To understand whether a pheromone spray is the right solution, you will need to know the situation first. Here are some reasons that trigger anxiety and fear in dogs:

Separation Anxiety

This type of anxiety is very common and is usually triggered when you leave your dog at home alone for a long period. Boredom and loneliness are the primary reasons for this anxiety, and it is usually temporary. The symptoms of separation anxiety are urinating around the house and destructive behavior or excessive barking.

General Anxiety

Dogs are more like humans than we can imagine. Just like some people feel anxiety for no apparent reason, dogs go through the same thing. Sometimes, this kind of anxiety is triggered by some incident which may not be clear at the time. The symptoms of this type of anxiety include depression and restlessness.

Anxiety in Rescue Dogs

This type of anxiety is more serious and usually occurs when a dog has spent too much time in a shelter or rescue home. Dogs that end up at rescue homes go through traumatic incidents or get abandoned by their previous owners. This can affect the dog and can trigger anxiety when you leave it alone at the house. This type of anxiety is linked to separation and general anxiety.

Illness-Related Anxiety

If your dog has suffered from major health problems, the chances are that it might have developed anxiety. This type does not show any sign when it occurs, but the symptoms slowly become more visible. It is usually triggered when your dog is in an unknown environment.

Fear-Related Anxiety

Many dogs are scared of storms, darkness, thunder, fireworks and other similar occurrences. Even visits to the vet can trigger their anxiety. This anxiety can last for a short period and end when the event passes, but sometimes, the dog might need some help. Its symptoms include restlessness, panting, whining, barking and drooling. 

A pheromone spray works well in every situation. Be it illness-related anxiety or generalized anxiety, pheromone sprays can temporarily calm down the dog. However, before buying anything, you will need to make sure the product contains effective ingredients to tackle the type of anxiety your dog is facing.

Amount of Pheromone

Each pheromone spray contains a certain amount of pheromone which determines the effectiveness of the product.

There are even some sprays that are labeled as pheromone but don’t actually have any pheromone. Such products contain natural sedative herbs like lavender or chamomile, which can be effective at creating a soothing environment. However, to truly keep the anxiety at bay, you need a product with actual pheromone, especially if you have a dog that gets overly aggressive. 

Before buying a pheromone spray, make sure to check the list of ingredients first. Go for a product that contains natural herbs along with synthetic pheromone. If it only has natural herbs, going for another product would be a better option.


Along with dog-appeasing pheromones, there are a bunch of other natural ingredients you can look for:


When animals are sleeping, they secrete a natural hormone to calm them down, which is called melatonin.


This is a type of amino acid which is quite effective when it comes to calming down dogs and helping them focus.


Another type of amino acid, it helps change the mood of a dog.


This is a kind of herb, usually used as an essential oil due to its calming effects. It helps calm down anxious dogs and even helps them sleep better.


Another herb that acts as a sedative, it works well if you give it to your dog before a stressful situation.


Lavender is well-known for its calming and soothing effects. It is not only famous as a calming essential oil among humans, but it’s also a famous ingredient in dog calming products.


Having this ingredient will help calm down the nervous system of the dog.


Passionflower is an herb known for its calming effects. It helps lower brain activity and improve the mood of the dog.


This is another kind of herb that will help calm your dog and encourage sleep.


Putting a pheromone spray on an anxious dog is a hard job. First, you will need your dog to stay put before you can spray them and during that chaos, you will need to make sure you sprayed the right amount. However, not all pheromone sprays work this way.

Some sprays need you to apply them directly on the dog, while others let you use them on your dog’s bedding, crate and collar. Having a product that can be sprayed on furniture instead of the dog itself would be easier to apply, though it won’t be as effective as the other type.

Ease of Use

Dog calming sprays are not that heavy, so they are convenient to carry around, but you also need something that is easy to use and that your dog can work with.


The price of a dog calming spray lies between $20 and $30. It shouldn’t be any expensive than that. There some products that offer good qualities and come at a cheap price, but not all cheap products are good. Never compromise on the quality of the product.


You are probably wondering what versatility has to do with a dog calming spray. Versatility in anything raises the value of the product. Buying a pheromone spray that works not only for dogs but also cats will raise its value. That’s just one example of how a calming spray can be versatile. Be sure to look for a spray that offers you more than one thing so that the money you spend on it will pay off. 

Above are a few factors you should consider before buying a product. However, before deciding anything, it is better if you consult your vet. Also, keep in mind that using any new product will take time to work, so be patient.

Final Thoughts

All pheromone sprays mentioned in this article are some of the premium ones in the market. If you choose any one of them, you can rest assured that you are choosing the best. Still, in my opinion, the best one out of all the sprays mentioned above is ThunderEssence. The formula of this spray is effective and made of natural ingredients. Furthermore, its versatility adds more value to it.

Since our little best friends are the best things in our life, I would understand if you want to make your own list and do your own research. Check out some other products as well in order to get the best one for your particular situation. 

Pheromone sprays are usually made of 100% natural essential oils, so there will be no side effects. Even so, before making a choice, make sure you do thorough research first because you shouldn’t take any chance when it comes to your pet.

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