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Best Road Trips With Your Dog Around The US

Have you always wanted to plan a road trip with your dog? Your dog is family, and often a full family trip must include your dog as well. It is a great bonding experience to travel and let your hair fly with your dog. Not only is it a new feeling for your dog, but it is also an enthralling opportunity for you to get even cozier with your dog. Of course, unlike other trips, planning a road trip with your dog requires some additional requirements, and you have to make some accommodations for your dog.

However, if you research thoroughly and understand the needs of your pet, this can be done very quickly. You also need to make sure that your dog is comfortable being in a car with you and the best way to make this happen is to expose your dog to short trips here and there to make him or her more used to the experience. If it’s your first road trip with a dog, you must look for a shorter distance that would take lesser time and has numerous activities on the way so that there’s plenty of time for you as well as your little dog to rest and grab some air.

If you are looking for best road trip destinations that are ideal as vacations with dogs, here is a list of brilliant ideas for your next trip.

St Louis, MO to Nashville, TN

Mississippi River | Travel With Doggie

The road from St. Louis to Nashville is not very strenuous and only takes about four and a half hours to reach and is ideal if this is your first vacation with your dog. Even though the route is small, there are many stops that you can make on the way which are absolutely amazing for your dog. The Shawnee National Forest is an excellent place for your dog to let loose and play with you amidst the beauty of nature. You can even spend the night at the campground in Land between the Lakes in National Recreation Area. You can visit the farmland and museum at Homeplace and expose your dog to new experiences. Nashville has numerous dog parks where your dog can enjoy running around and playing with other dogs and with you as well. If you are looking for pet-friendly hotels by the route you will be pleased to hear that over 30 hotels in Nashville will welcome both of you for a great time.

Denver, Colorado to Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon | Travel With Doggie

There are numerous pet-friendly road trips in the USA, and this one is one of the first names in this department. If your dog has a fascination for the outdoors, this place is perfect for him. The road is, however, somewhat rocky because it is mountainous so you must carry a harness. There are many national forests on the way where you can stop by and steep in the brilliance of nature. Among them, you must visit the White River National Forest where your dog can roam around without a leash and enjoy a Luxurious stroll. When you reach your destination, there are some rules and regulations pertaining to your pet, and you must follow them correctly for the safety of your dog. Besides keeping him in the leash, you must also walk through the pet approved trail for ensuring maximum security. 

Seattle to the San Juan Islands

San Juan Island | | Travel With Doggie

If you want to experience the ocean with your four-legged buddy, you must head to the which have been known to be a fantastic place for pets. The drive from the central city to Anacortes is about 80 miles from where you can take a ferry to Orcas Island. There are several dog-friendly parks in Anacortes as well where your dog can take some rest and bask in the sun. For Orcas Island, you can reach the heart of San Juan Island, which is absolutely breathtaking. Whether you sunbathe with your dog or go swimming, it is impossible to not have a good time here. Your dog will love the experience, and so will you. The refreshing water of the ocean, as well as the comfort of the sandy beach, will genuinely blow your mind. There are many pet-friendly hotels in the San Juan Islands for your dog to experience pleasure and luxury.

Montana Scenic Route

Montana | Travel With Doggie

Looking for a fun road trip with your dog that will be packed with numerous activities and things to do for both your dog and you? You must take the help of the Montana road trip planner as Montana has been known to be a paradise for dogs because of the versatile activities and experience it has in store for you. You can go hiking or camping with your dog or even swim, and it has plenty of wildlife viewing activities. 

Many pet owners have sworn by this place and have considered this as a favorite for both them and their dogs. You can start your trip at Missoula, which has many dog-friendly lodging for you to prepare and set out in comfort. There are many national parks on the way, like the National Bison Range where you can take a 2-hour drive through the winding roads looking for birds and Bison. You can then enjoy the resort town of Dixon. You can then wrap up your adventures at the Glacier National Park. You can find many dog-friendly hotels there for you and your dog. This scenic route is best for the summer and is extremely gorgeous.

Chicago, IL to Minneapolis, MN

Chicago | Travel With Doggie

Are you finding the best places to road trip from Chicago? Minneapolis is an excellent place for you to try out. This trip will take you about 6 hours and bring you to the magnificent city of Minneapolis where you can enjoy various activities with your dog. It is a 408 miles ride with various stops for you and your dog to enjoy. It is one of the most convenient short trips from Chicago. There are multiple trails for you to hike with your furry friends along the Chain of Lakes with incredible scenic beauty and gorgeous views. You must stop at Milwaukee, which has many outdoor patios for you to grab a bite with your dog as these patios are god friendly and very welcoming. Milwaukee also holds an annual baseball game, especially for your four-legged friend to sit back and enjoy. Take a long stroll along with the brilliant trials of Lake Mendota to end your trip on a gorgeous note. 

Your Dog’s Needs

While planning a road trip, there are many things that you have to keep in mind pertaining, especially on the topic of things to bring on a road trip. However, if you have your four-legged best friend with you, there are some things that you have to carry in the best interest of your dog. Besides the usual stuff that you carry on a road trip, you have to prepare a checklist depending on the requirements of your dog. Firstly, you need to pack a leash and collar with an ID tag so that if there is any mishap, your dog can easily be identified. Carry plenty of water.

Along with a water drinker and water bowl for your dog, keep the supplies in two stacks, one for you and one for your dog. Portion out the amount of food your dog will require for each day and carry them along with a food bowl. Carry some extra for any crisis as well. You also need to take some treats and toys to keep your buddy entertained. Make sure you have his waste bag always with you. Carry his blanket along with a sleeping pad and a soft crate where he can take his naps. Before you head out, you must consult your veterinarian to check if your buddy is in the condition for traveling and if you should carry any medicine for emergencies as well as other medicines of his daily dose. All emergency documents such as proof of vaccination and the pet insurance have to be kept in your car. If you have gathered from previous experiences that your dog may have some motion sickness, carry the appropriate medicines as well as any sedatives that your dog may need. 

Final Thoughts

If you have always dreamed of having a road trip with dogs, it is your time to make your dream come true. With several pet-friendly vacation ideas at your avail, it is time for you to set out. While road trip planning, especially with a dog, may seem challenging, it really is not. There are some rules and regulations you have to follow and some things you have to keep in mind at all times. But, if you love your dog dearly, these will not be any hurdles at all. Enjoy and bond even more with your dog on the most perfect vacation ever!

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