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Best Essential Oil Diffuser For Dogs In Car

Traveling with your dog can be a mixed bag of emotions. It’s very much like traveling with your kids, and you never know what comes next. For the furballs that run around and explore the world, a long car ride can be boring and strenuous. As a pet parent, it might be depressing to see your furry friend in stress. So what can you do to make sure that your dog feels relaxed and more comfortable during the drive? This is where the car aroma oil diffuser comes into the picture. Yes, aromatherapy is a stress buster not just for human beings but also for the dogs. 

Before you run and grab that essential oil from your cabinet hear me out. Did you know that most of the essential oils are said to be harmful around pets? Yes, you heard me, right! So, I talk about aroma diffuser for pets and then tell you that aroma oils are bad for them. Before you whack your brains let me brief a few things that you would find here:

  • List of the best essential oil diffusers that you can use in your car when you take your dog with you
  • Which are the essential oils that are safe to be used around dogs?
  • What should you look for when you are buying an aroma oil diffuser for dogs? 

When you choose an aroma diffuser for your car, you would have to look for something that provides effective aromatherapy.

Here are my recommendations in essential oil diffusers for dogs in the car:

  • Vyaime Car Diffuser
  • econoLED Car Humidifier
  • InnoGear USB Aromatherapy
  • Syntus USB Car Essential Oil Diffuser
  • Gulaki Car Diffuser
  • Dorimi Car Humidifier

Vyaime Car Diffuser

If you are like me, then you probably focus on the looks as much as the features of the diffuser. Then this is one of the best choices out there. The Vyaime Car Diffuser is compact and comes in a fuss-free design. If you are looking for something small but powerful and practical, then this one makes a perfect choice.

Key Features

  • 50ml tank capacity
  • 8.3inch overall length
  • Silent operation
  • Convenient single touch button control
  • 360° rotating arm

When you fill the 50ml tank, you can use this diffuser for 2 hours. This one can be used as a humidifier as well as an aroma diffuser. It humidifies, aromatizes, and cleanses the air inside the car. Enhancement of air quality can also be beneficial for your dog. There are so many things that I love about this device. One is that this one easily fits into the car charging port. The 2 USB ports on this one is a thoughtful addition. So, I do not have to worry about sacrificing the single-car charging port to this humidifier. The arm rotates in all the directions. This makes it possible to extend it closer to the rear seat when I take my dog for the drive. It comes with a sponge wick which can easily be replaced when required. The mist is quite powerful for the size of this device, and my car’s ambiance is instantly transformed. The extendable arm also means that you can move the mist nozzle conveniently away from the dashboard. It is also an energy-efficient diffuser that only uses 1W of power. The Vyaime Car Diffuser also comes with safety features like auto-shutoff after 2 hours of use and auto shut off in case the water tank is empty.

econoLED Car Humidifier

If you are tight on your budget and need something small, stylish, and sensible, the econoLED car humidifier is a wonderful choice. Available in 3 different colors the tank on this one has a 180° rotation. Along with the diffuser, you also get a spare wick in the box. Finding one after you have used up the wicks is very easy.

Key Features

  • 50ml tank for water and diffuser oil
  • Provides 2 hours of operation
  • Power usage 1.5W to 2W
  • Measures 6.46inch long and weigh 0.28 pounds
  • 2 hours auto shut-off for safety

Unscrew the water tank, fill it with water and fill it with 2 drops of pet-safe essential oil, screw it back and plug the diffuser into your car’s charging port. It is as simple as that. One point to pay attention to when you use this diffuser is that the manufacturer doesn’t recommend adding more than 2 drops of essential oil as there are chances of the outlet getting clogged. This means that the aroma might not be felt in the rear seats in the larger cars like SUVs. I love the easy tilt design. It does a neat job of eliminating odor and cleansing the air while also diffusing pleasant aroma. It packs an ultrasonic mist generation system which works consistently. One of the best things about the econoLED Car Humidifier is that the mist doesn’t leave any residue on the dashboard or car seats. Therefore you can use it without worrying about the mist from damaging the leather upholstery in the car. On the whole, this is a great bang for your buck.

InnoGear USB Aromatherapy

The InnoGear USB Aromatherapy is a convenient, USB powered diffuser. You can plug the USB cable that comes in the box to your car charging port. Coming from one of the market leaders in aroma diffusers segment, this product comes with a 70ml capacity. Featuring a portable design, this one has several cool features.

Key Features

  • Compact design 5.1×2.7×2.7 inches
  • Comes with LED with 7 color modes
  • Auto shut-off when the tank is empty
  • Works as humidifier and aroma diffuser
  • Input voltage and current requirement – 5V 1A

The LED light can be set in a cycling mode or a fixed color mode. The LED is bright enough to make a handy light source inside the car while driving at night. There are separate buttons for light and mist controls. The mist can also be set in two different modes. One is the commonly available continuous mist mode, and the other is the intermittent mist. In the second mode, the mist is turned off and on in 30-second cycles. The USB charging design makes InnoGear USB Aromatherapy a versatile product. You can use it to calm your dog during your trip or even place it one a table at home when you are playing with your dog.

Syntus USB Car Essential Oil Diffuser

I have personally not tried this one out but have heard some good reviews about it. With features similar to the InnoGear diffuser mentioned above, Syntus USB Car Essential Oil Diffuser does look stylish.

Key Features

  • Compact design 5.1×2.7×2.7 inches
  • Compact size – 5.3×2.8×2.8 inch
  • Easy to use interface
  • 7 colors LED modes, 2 misting modes
  • 6W power consumption

The positioning of the on/off button on the top is one feature that grabs the attention. It is a conspicuous looking trigger and therefore, it should be easy to access while driving. It is designed to fit in a car cup holder and can also be used at home thanks to the USB powered design. There is an auto-shutoff feature for added safety and to protect the device when the water level goes below the recommended level. The minimum and maximum levels of filling the tank are indicated. Therefore you must be able to fill it just enough to avoid spillage in the car while braking. The misting capacity of this one is given as 15ml/h, which should be sufficient inside a small car. Therefore making the Syntus USB Car Essential Oil Diffuser easily usable for your pet’s aromatherapy during travel.

Gulaki Car Diffuser

With its ergonomic design and some great features, this is one of the best diffusers to get for your dog if you are ready to extend your budget. I found the Gulaki Car Diffuser to be slightly more expensive than most other options with similar features, but then its functionality and sturdy build justifies the price. After all, pet parents are ready to splurge on any gadget that can make the drive more pleasant for the dog and the passengers as well.

Key Features

  • The size that fits in the car cup holder
  • Connects with car charging socket
  • Made of BPA free materials
  • Measures 5.11×2.56×2.56 inch
  • Auto-shutoff when the water level is low

You are allowed to add as many drops of essential oils as you want. Therefore if you want a strong aroma experience for your dog, then this is a great choice. The Gulaki Car Diffuser effectively does all 3 jobs – purification of the air, humidification when you are using the AC and aromatherapy when you have to calm your dog. Besides the misting features, this one also stands out due to the multiple charging ports it features on the top lid. There are one car charging socket and 2 USB ports. Therefore you can charge multiple devices or even connect your dashcam, navigator and other gadgets with the help of the car charging socket. Like the Syntus diffuser, the on/off button is located on the top for this one as well.

RoyAroma Car Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser With Vent Clip

The RoyAroma Essential Oil Diffuser is a totally different selection as compared to the previous list of recommendations I gave. This is the old school way. This does not require power as there is no electronics involved. It consist of a sponge that you can add essential oil of you and your dog liking and comes with a container with a vent clip hung in front of the air conditioning vent of the car. It does not occupy space since it is suspended, freeing up your cup holder for coffee for the long ride ahead. You are allowed to mix and match the essential oil flavor and strength to your liking.

Key Features

  • Vent clip
  • Stainless steel holder
  • Holes on both sides to enhance diffusion
  • 12 felt pads of different colors

The RoyAroma Essential Oil Diffuser can have a long shell live and you do not need to be afraid that it will run out of power during your long road trip. It comes with 12 felt pad of different colors to suit your aesthetic requirements. On top of that, you can change the felt pads anytime should you feel that it is no longer absorbing the essential oil properly. You can also arrange to have different pads holding different scents.

Detailed Buyer’s Guide – Choosing From The Best Car Aroma Diffusers For Your Dog

Now that you have the options laid before you are you feeling overwhelmed, not knowing which one actually to buy? 

 Before we get into the specifics of what product to buy and what features to look for, it would be good to know the problems that your dog might encounter. When you know the problems, you would be able to find the respective solutions as well. This will make it easier for you to pick a product that solves more than one purpose. Therefore, in the end, you have a happy dog who makes your travel even more fun and memorable. 

What Problems Do Dogs Face While Traveling?

Travel sickness is one of the biggest enemies of traveling with dogs. Some dogs feel anxious to be on the road for a long duration. The first step is to work on the safety requirements, like getting a good dog car harness. Then comes preparing the dog and also making him feel relaxed. 

Signs that your dog doesn’t like to travel in your car:

  • It refuses to enter the car
  • It doesn’t allow you to buckle up the car seat harness
  • It keeps moving around restlessly all through the journey
  • It vomits during or immediately after the travel

Yawning too much, drooling and whining are also signs that your dog probably hates traveling in the car. For such anxious dogs, aromatherapy can be beneficial. The relaxing scents can alleviate your pet’s anxiety and make the journey more comfortable for him.

If you travel with your dog often or if you have a long trip coming up here are a few steps to take in advance:

  • Get your dog used to your car
  • Train your dog to get into the car by himself without forcing him
  • Buckle him up and allow him to stay calm in a stationary car
  • Travel with someone in the passenger seat next to your seat, to give him company

Then comes the process of finding the best aroma diffuser for the car to soothe his anxious nerves. You can tackle both travel anxiety and motion sickness in your dogs with the help of suitable aroma oils. The type of oil you choose, and the type of diffuser, its effectiveness, all have a role to play.

What Is A Car Aroma Diffuser, And How Is It Different From The Conventional Ones?

An aroma diffuser is one where you can add essential oils mixed with water in a built-in tank. There might be different methods used to convert the water to mist. This is then thrown at a higher pressure through a nozzle. This mist fills the surroundings with the pleasant aroma of the added fragrance. The concept remains the same whether you choose an aroma diffuser for your home or your car. There might, however, be minor changes in terms of design and usage. 

The compact size is one of the striking features that set apart the car diffusers from the others. Most of them come with a small tank but a powerful misting mechanism. Ultrasonic misting is one of the most common types that you might find. Most of the diffusers designed for use in the car also come with multiple modes of operation. These can be used as humidifiers, aroma diffusers as well as car air purifiers. All of these are essential inside a car. The charging option is the other major feature that sets apart these diffusers from the rest. Most of them come with a car charger socket compatible adapter.

Why Can’t You Use A Conventional Car Freshener For Your Dog?

Air fresheners in gel form, as well as spray form, are available for the car. The problem with most of these is that they simply mask the odor. The aroma of the freshener you use might blend with the odor and result in a weaker effect. This might not be the best thing to give your dog. You need something that is seriously soothing. You need a product that refreshes the air inside. It is not always that you leave your car windows open. Motion sickness in dogs often occurs due to the poor circulation of air in an air-conditioned car. Combined with other odors, this might make the situation more uncomfortable for the dog. For you and the other passengers, there is this discomfort plus the typical dog smell inside the car. Most of the fresheners for the car might give temporary fragrance. If you need something reliable, something productive then an aroma diffuser is your best bet. One of the biggest advantages is that it can condition the air and improve the quality of the air. 

Here are some of the benefits that car aroma diffusers can give for the passengers and the pets:

  • It makes the air feel fresh and clean
  • It reduces the number of allergens in the air. There are some dog breeds like the punch-faced ones like a pug, which are prone to respiratory problems. Essential oil diffusers with purification ability can remove allergens from the air. This allows the dog to breathe easy during the travel, which in turn can prevent anxiety caused by respiratory difficulties.
  • Aroma diffusers work by letting out the mist. This can increase the humidity levels in the air. The air inside an air-conditioned car is dry. This can be bad for skin health and fur health in dogs. Therefore using an essential oil diffuser during long travels can help preserve the coat condition of the dog. It can also prevent itchiness and skin irritation caused in dogs due to dryness in the skin.
  • There are some scents that are known to be stress busters for human beings as well as for the canine members of the family. These can reduce the stress caused by long travel. If you have kids at home, then these oils diffused through the aroma diffuser can calm your dog as well as your kids.
  • Essential oils of different kinds are known to elevate the mood. This can be beneficial for you and your dog. When you feel light and relaxed, you would be able to handle your dog better.
  • Some of the oils that can be used in the diffusers are known to work wonders for motion sickness. These can prevent the feeling of nausea, which happens to be one of the significant triggers of restlessness in dogs during a car ride. Vomiting can also make the dog feel exhausted. Vomiting accidents in the car leads to massive cleanup regimes which are tiring for the pet parents. On the whole, your aroma diffuser is going to save a lot of trouble for you and your dog and prevent the trip from turning into one big nightmare.

Rounding up all the benefits of aroma diffusers for the car, there is one other point that I would like to add. When you consider the long term effects, these products are more cost-efficient than car air fresheners. With most of the diffusers, you can directly plug them into the charging socket. Therefore there is no significant cost of operation to worry about. You would only be adding a few drops of essential oils which must last for 2 hours or more, depending on the type of diffuser you choose. Therefore, this is a money-saving option, which also offers a huge number of advantages.

Aromatherapy And Dogs

Aromatherapy is to be an influential approach, even when it comes to pain management in dogs. Dogs have a stronger olfactory sense than human beings. Therefore with the essential oils, you can put this sense to good use to trigger pleasant emotions that can make the dog feel light and happy. The use of scents can also relax the dog and make him feel secure. Some oils are so calming that they have a sedative effect on some dogs. When your dog feels good and stays calm during the trip, you would be able to focus better on the road without having to handle a distracted, anxious dog. This makes the drive safe for you and your dog. Here are some tips to remember when you use essential oils around dogs:

  • Make sure that you place the diffuser away from the dog in such a way that the mist doesn’t directly come into contact with his face or skin
  • Before you use the essential oil during a car ride, try using it at home and observe your dog’s reaction. Dogs might react differently to different aroma oils.
  • Do not try too many scents at once. Identify the scent that your dog loves the most and stick with it.
  • Choose a reliable brand in essential oils, a good quality one. This would be something that is extracted from natural ingredients and free from additives. These are the kind of oils that are safe when the dog breathes them in.
  • Know the difference between fragrance oils and essential oils. The latter is what you need inside your diffuser for safer results.

What Kind Of Essential Oils Are Safe To Use Around Dogs?

This is another question to think about before you dive into picking an aroma diffuser. Some of the common ones like tea tree, clove, sweet birch, citrus scents, and other stronger ones might be harmful to dogs. Choose milder relaxing scents which are deemed safe for dogs like chamomile, lavender, vanilla, rose and others. You can also as your dog’s vet for more recommendations.

You may be interested in an article I wrote about different calming scents for dogs. I cover a number the most effective scents for calming your dogs, especially for a long road trip in the car. Feel free to check it out!

What Should You Look For When You Buy A Car Aroma Diffuser For Your Dog?

This indicates the maximum amount of water you can fill in the diffuser. Most of the car aroma diffusers come with a tank of capacity around 50ml. If it is only for city rides, then these diffusers are more than enough to do the job. Larger ones like the last one on my list from Dorimi, are suitable for the long drives. You would not have to worry about refilling the tank often. The number of hours of break-free operation also extends with such large capacity tanks.

The capacity of the tank

This indicates the maximum amount of water you can fill in the diffuser. Most of the car aroma diffusers come with a tank of capacity around 50ml. If it is only for city rides, then these diffusers are more than enough to do the job. Larger ones like the last one on my list from Dorimi, are suitable for the long drives. You would not have to worry about refilling the tank often. The number of hours of break-free operation also extends with such large capacity tanks. 

Noise-free operation

Noise, no matter how mild it is, might be uncomfortable in a small closed setting like inside a car. This can also be a bothering element leading to irritability in dogs. Therefore, you need something that is quiet. The device should be quiet even when you are using the maximum misting pressure.

Amount of aroma oil that can be used

This is one other feature that varies from one car essential oil diffuser to another. As a rule of thumb, it is good to stick with the recommended quantity of essential oils to maintain the diffuser in the best condition. Some come with wick, and there are others without. Using too much essential oil can sometimes lead to the degeneration of the wick and inefficient aroma diffusion. If you have a sedan or an SUV, you would need an essential oil diffuser with large output and the option to add an ample quantity of essential oil. This would ensure that the strength of the fragrance diffused is strong enough to fill the large space and work on your dog. 


There are some products, like the econoLED Car Humidifier, which come with a built-in adapter that you can plug into the car’s charger socket. If you need something versatile, something that you can use not just in your car but also at home or in office then you would need something that comes with USB charging. Check the USB standard integrated into the device. You can then use a compatible USB cable and plug it into a charging adapter for car, a wall charger or even plug into your laptop USB port. 


Something compact would be a practical choice for using inside the car. The first and second products on my list are tiny and do not take up much space. The others are designed small enough to be placed in a cup holder. All of these are handy and truly portable. 

Lights and other features

Lights might just be fancy additions to the diffuser, especially when you choose something just to calm your dog, having lights is not a requisite. However, it might be useful while traveling at night. If you drop something down and if you need a quick grab light, then this diffuser with light would do the job. Most of them come with the option to turn off the lights or choose the color of the light. The other main feature to consider is the presence of multiple misting modes. When you need intense diffusion of aroma, continuous modes are good. You might not need them all the time. You can do away with intermittent misting modes in most cases, and the effect might be more or less similar while this mode might extend the duration for which you can use the diffuser. 

Auto-power off

The other major feature which I recommend giving the highest priority is the auto-power shut off when the tank goes empty. This prevents damage to the tank or the device on the whole and extends the life of the device. You might think that the tank is filled with sufficient water. Sometimes, sudden braking might lead to water spilling out, which might lead to the depletion of the tank sooner than you expect. This is why you need a device with auto-power off feature.

Final Thoughts

I have presented a few recommendations based on my personal experience, and from the feedback, I have received from other pet parents. With a no-fuss design, all the essential features, economic space size, and so much more, Vyaime Car Diffuser continues to be my favorite even after trying many other products. Understand the pros and cons of each of these and choose what suits you and your dog the most. So, which diffuser are you planning to buy for your car? 

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