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Best Dog Food For Mange

Dog mange can leave your dog in an extremely miserable state. There are may ways to alleviate this situation and a proper diet is one of them. The formula of the diet is based on medicinal science that study the origins of the two known types of mange.

You need a dog food diet that consist of these features:

  • Ketogenic low carb dog food to combat the yeast infection, which can be brought on by mange
  • Holistic to build up dog’s own immune system to combat the infection
  • Vitamin E supplement to balance prooxidants and anti-oxidants
  • Omega 3 for skin protection

While these nutrition does not directly treat mange, it helps in the long war against it which can take up to 18 months to fully cure it and prevent relapses. Let’s go through them.

Ketogenic Dog Food

A ketogenic dog diet is one where the content is made completely of meat, organs, fats and bones, with low amount of carbohydrate in particular.

Dogs are biological aligned to wolves. Generations after generations of domestication does not alter their genetics. A pure carnivorous meal would not be new to them.

Raw Meat | Travel With Doggie

This diet can be in the prepared by yourselves using raw meat. Make sure to select meat that your dog does not have allergy to. I would mincing the meat to help consumption. Of course, if you can leave it as it is if your canine friend has a strong penchant for chewing.

The Ketona Chicken Dog Food one of the best alternatives for low carbohydrate dog food out there in the market. It contains mainly of meat made of high quality protein sourced from real natural ingredients, with zero filler ingredient like grain, soy and wheat to make up for the weight.

These ingredients are carbohydrates that will feed the yeast infection that tend to accompany a mange infection. This will worsen the immune system of your dog’s skin and make the long road to complete recovery ever more tedious.

Should your dog be allergic to chicken, the salmon alternative from Ketona will also come good. In fact, salmon comes with omega 3 which is also beneficial for skin recovery from the damage by the mites. The ingredients come from USA and contains extra goodies like vitamins and minerals. Rated exceptionally well on Amazon, it can be trusted to provide you with the appropriate well balanced diet for your dog to build a strong immune system and fight the infestation.

I prefer purchasing the omega 3 supplement separately from the dog food, but you can have 2-in-1 with the salmon flavor. More that later. Do note this is slightly more expensive.

Vitamin E Supplement

There is a long ongoing war between pro-oxidants, which are produced as a by-product of various intercellular interations, and antioxidants, which are produced by the body’s own immune system to destroy the detrimental free radical. This occurs to both human and dog skin.

If the balance is broken due to a weakened immune system that produce subnormal amount of antioxidants, a state of oxidation stress can be triggered. That can be brought about by just any kind of illness. the probable result of that is multiple skin problems which will adversely affecting your dog’s recovery from mange.

Fruits | Travel With Doggie

The best sources of antioxidants are vegetables, fruits and berries. Some examples are blueberries, strawberries, red cabbage, grape, peach etc. These natural sources of antioxidants beats any kind of antioxidants supplements out there as they do not undergo any kind of factory process to be produced. On top of that, it contains various other nutrient that your pooch will need one way or another as a living creature.

Vitamins E can also help to maintain this balance. Provide your dog with Zesty Paws Multivitamin Treats that to get them to consume the dose of vitamin E eagerly. A best seller on Amazon, it contains other essential vitamins to promote the health of your dog, keeping diseases, apart from just mange, at bay. It also comes with a bonus – probiotics and digestive enzymes. These will facilitate nutrient absorption to a great extent. It is the perfect appetizer to go before your dog’s meal, which can help in better digestion.

Omega 3

Omega 3 has been proven to nourish the skin and coat of your dogs. This is why it is critical for dogs suffering from mange to have ample amount of omega 3 in order for their damaged skin to recover.

The Pure Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil for Dogs by Zesty Paws is a liquid fish oil supplement. It is meant for consumption. This elixir contains natural fish oil that is not only rich in omega 3, but also safe for consumption. Dog owners can simply add in a few pumps to dear fido’s meals to provide them the omega 3 boost they need to combat the onslaught of mange. It is incredibly well-received on Amazon. Definitely a best buy under the omega 3 supplement category.

If you prefer soft chews or treats, I will recommend this Salmon Bites alternative also by Zesty Paws. It is in the form of food that you can make use of as a dog treat.It contains not only omega 3 to ensure a healthy skin and coat of your dog, but also vitamins E does wonders to soothe the mange stricken dry, itching, and irritated skin of your dog.

Final Thoughts

Combating dog mange is a long process. While these food and diet recommendations are not the potions to this medical illness, it is imperative that your dog maintains the best and most appropriate possible diet at all times.

This is because mange can take months to recover fully and relapses can occur. In the battle against mange, to completely eradicate the mites, we need to stay vigilant and not be complacent to give our pooch the best nutrition during this marathon.

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