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Best Crash Tested Dog Car Seats To That Can Save Your Dog

Many individuals love to take their pet dog with them wherever they go, and the pet dogs also love to go car rides with their owners. However, puppies and small dogs can face a hard time with car rides as these small dogs and puppies are not able to see through the window and also for them, the speed moving of the car can be dangerous too. That is why, currently, many people are finding dog car seats very useful. You can easily strap your small dog or puppy in for the road trip and can relax as these car seats can keep your pet safe and also the pets don’t hurt themselves. If your pet wants to look out the window, you can as well arrange a booster seat as a lot of crash tested dog car seats can accommodate booster seats as well.

The dog car seat should contain adjustable safety leashes that hold the dog to make sure your dog stays seated safely the entire car journey.

Here you can find some of the Best Crash Tested Dog Car Seats that can help you choose the best car seat for your dog.

K&H Manufacturing Bucket Booster Pet Seat

K&H dog crash tested car seat offers a clear window view for your dog as it elevates pets for a clear view. This bucket booster pet seat fits perfectly in front or back seat, and the dog car seat is easy-to-remove and easy-to-wash. 

The K&H bucket booster makes car travel easy and fun for your dog when you take them with you on a road trip. This pet car seat offers a safe and reserved place for your dog to ride, and it elevates the pet for a better view from the window. 

This crash tested booster seat exterior is made with a durable 600-denier fabric, and with a lush quilted fleece interior that makes your pet sit comfortably during longer journeys. It is very easy and simple to install as well as uninstall. The front of the car seat dips down so that your dog can easily get into the car seat, and the border contains a strong foam bolster. 

The K&H crash tested bucket booster pet seat is accessible in two sizes and you can find the best color combinations to accommodate your car’s interior. The small size car seat is suggestible for small dogs and the large car seat is perfect for medium sized dogs. Both sizes come with two completely adjustable security leashes that can lock the harness of your pet to make sure your dog is seated safely during the road trip. The booster seat is easy-to-remove and easy-to-wash and offers a one-year limited warranty. 

Kurgo Skybox Dog Booster Seat

Kurgo Skybox is a front and rear dog seat for cars and this crash tested car booster seat comes with a waterproof exterior. Kurgo Skybox is the perfect choice for small pets and it holds up to 30 pounds and helps with dog car sickness. The car seat for dogs includes dog seatbelt tether. 

Kurgo Skybox dog crash tested car seat prevents distracted driving. The small canines can be placed in their seats securely so that it won’t hinder your driving and cause an accident. It is not safe to keep your dog in a lap while driving, but this dog car seat makes your pet comfortable and also allows your dog to view through the window comfortably. 

The crash tested car seat for a dog comes with a waterproof design and it is also easy to set up. You can install the car seat easily either back or front of your car’s seat. This bench seat or a 60 x 40 split bucket seat features metal supports for reliability and no assembly needed. 

The package includes dog car seatbelt tether that is adjustable and attaches to dog harness easily to keep your dog safely in its seat. Kurgo crash tested boosters can hold up to 30-pound weight, but it is suggestible to use for dogs up to 20lbs. This dog car seat comes with a lifetime warranty against company defects when purchase. Also, it offers a reversible pad and machine washable liner. 

FidoRido 3-in-1 Car Seat

FidoRido Dog Car Seat contains a durable plastic base with comfortable cushions and comes with a cover, straps, and harness. FidoRido dog car seat is easy-to-install and easy-to-clean.

The FidoRido patented dual-strap control system diffuses the force of unexpected stops and keeps your pet safe and secure during long road trips. The restraint system reduces driving distractions by making your pet seated in its car seat and helps your pet to enjoy the ride viewing through the window. Your dog can sit freely or lie down comfortably in the car seat.

FidoRido is absolutely leak-proof and smell-proof that you cannot find in any other dog car seats. The car seat components can be removed easily for cleaning. The base of the crash tested car seat is made from strong and durable plastic and the easy-to-wash machine washable covers help to avoid lingering odors and smells. You can have a clean cover at spare so that you can easily remove the cover if your dog made a mess.

FidoRido dog car seat is easy to install, unlike some dog car seats. The compatible bench or bucket seats are the perfect choices for both small and large cars. Using the normal car seat belt you can place the dog car seat, no tools are needed.

This crash tested dog car seat comes with a unique design and this spacious booster seat makes the FidoRido unique as it provides room for up to two dogs, and it can hold up to 30 pounds. The couch shaped cushions with leak-proof covers makes this car seat a stable and comfortable and offers an exciting experience to your dog while they are on road trips.

It is made in the USA and it is built to last for a longer period. The dog car seat is made with the same material used in baby car seats, which makes it the most reliable and durable material accessible for safety. It comes with a five-year warranty and it can extend to seven-years with the product. 

Things to Consider

Comfort, safety, and protection are the major functions of a dog car seat. The major problem is that most of these dog owners do not consider the necessity of car seats for dogs, and they are not totally aware of the risks taking a small puppy for a car ride without a car seat. Also, you don’t need to take your puppy for a car ride when the puppy is small, but once it grows, then your pet wants more from you and it gets difficult for you to handle.

Using the best and comfortable dog car seat for your pet dog is important to keep your dog safe and comfortable, and it can help you avoid any recklessness while traveling in a car. It is not just for your dog safety but for everybody’s safety and to be conscientious on the road.

According to Kurgo and AAA (American Automobile Association), one in every five pet owners has admitted that they take their try to move their dog away by taking their hands off the steering while driving, especially when their pet tries to climb in the front seat. This kind of situation is not only dangerous for the driver, it can hurt people on the road, or your dog can get hurt and it is also a very irresponsible act when it comes to the safety of other individuals on the road.

Also, if you own a beautiful luxury car with a leather interior, then it is a must to have a car seat for dogs to protect your car leather interior.

Who Should Buy a Dog Car Seat?

If you have a dog and if you are one of those individuals who love a road trip and love to take your dog wherever you go, then it is necessary to buy a puppy car seat for your pet. The booster seats are best for medium and small-sized dogs as it can keep your dog safe and secure, at the same time you can relax not worrying about your dog jumping on you while driving. Also, the best car seat for dogs can keep your dog safe in case of an accident happen.

Apart from keeping your dog safe, the booster seats or doggy car seats make your dog feel comfortable during car journeys as they can keep them intact so they don’t get motion sickness. Like people, a lot of animals also get car sick when they take long rides in a car. Also, a lot of small dogs or puppies unable to see out from the car window and they just can’t stay quiet and don’t like to miss the activity that they enjoy a lot. A crash tested small dog car seat can help them see from a car window during car journeys.

How to Choose The Right Dog Car Seat?

Now you know the importance of the dog car seat, and why you should get a top-quality booster seat for your dog. But, now the question is how to select the right dog car seat? Well before buying a car seat for your dog, you have to consider numerous criteria like getting a reliable and comfortable dog car seat for your pet. Finding a car seat that offers value for your money is another significant fact to consider when selecting the final doggy car seat for your lovely pet dog.

Center for Pet Safety has conducted a dog car seat pilot study in 2015 to verify the common crash performance of these famous car seats for the small dogs. The best dog travel seat is easy-to-carry and the best tools for the small dog. The pet travel seat is the best companion to dogs and they can be fixed in a car easily and they are used for the safety of their pet. In the market, you can find various crash tested booster seats for dogs, console booster seats, and pet travel seats.

Selecting the right size dog crate

When selecting a dog car seat, it is very crucial that you get the right size car seat for your dog. Too small or too large size can make your dog uncomfortable, a too small car seat cannot be able to fit your puppy and if too large, then it can be not safe and can inure your dog as well. The ideal dog car seat should give your dog the room to lie down or sit comfortably. If the car seat comes with a harness or seat belt, then it should fit you pooch perfectly, it should not be too loose or too tight that can irritate your dog skin.

Dog car seat usability

A major problem with dog owners is that they buy the best dog car seat for their puppy, but they never use it. This is because some pet owners feel lazy to set it up and placing the dog in the car seat. That is why it is important to get the dog car seat that is easy to set up and it is one of the major factors that you should consider before buying the car seat. Also, make sure to have a car seat test before getting one for your dog. The best dog car seat should be easy-to-setup and easy-to-pack it away.

Most dog booster seats are easy-to-remove as they come with buckles and you can easily fold them if your pet doesn’t need the booster seat anymore. Two important safety features you must consider before buying a dog car seat or booster seat for your pet.

  • How the booster seat is connected to the actual dog car seat?
  • Is your dog is feeling comfortable sitting inside the booster seat?

The dog car seat that you want to buy must contain a strong attachment system so that it can sit perfectly in your car’s seat. Also, make sure that it fits perfectly on a back seat as well as the front seat. Some of these bucket booster doggy seats will facilitate the seat belt so that you can lock your pet safely. Some of these brands also provide an extra belt to connect it to the car headrest.

Final Thoughts

The major thing that all the pet owners must make sure to get a dog car seat or a booster seat that is spacious and offers comfort to your pet so that it can easily lie down and sleep during long car journeys. Some of these dog boosters allow the dog to see through the window as they are high enough but they don’t have enough room for the dog, which makes them uncomfortable. So consider all these factors before buying a dog car seat for your beloved dog.

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